Company’s equipment introduction

  1-7 Surface finishing processing


Shanghai Grinder Factory Co., Ltd production Straight grinder ‘S1S-SL-150A’  sets

Shanghai Grinder Factory Co., Ltd production polishing grinder‘Pedestal Polisher’  sets

Capacity of processingsurface of the product 400 polish and grindtexture processing


  1-8 Inspection


Advancing precision measuring tools Co. Ltd production  rock platform‘2500*1600*300’1set 

(Measurement capability:flatness of the product 16μm

Advancing precision measuring tools Co. Ltd production  rock platform ‘2000*1000*200’1set

Measurement capabilityflatness of the product 13μm

Mitutoyo production  The electronic digital caliper ‘Super 500 series sets 

Measurement capability0-200mm   survey precision ±0.02mm

Mitutoyo production  vernier caliper for measuring pitch‘ABSOLUTE Digimatic series   sets

Measurement capability0-200mmsurvey precision ±0.02mm

Mitutoyo production  centre-height gauge 192 series  1set 

Measurement capability0-600mmsurvey precision ±0.02mm

Mitutoyo production  goniometer ‘187 series sets

Measurement capability-360°-+360°survey precision ±0.01°


  1-9 Transportation


Jiangling isuzu production  light freight truck ‘Jiangling JMC light truck’ 1set 

Transport capacityCargo compartment size 6000×1800×380, weight 3900KG

Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd  dual use of passenger and cargo the sixth generation enjoyment of Jinbei 2.0U standard form’  1set

(Transport capacity:vehicle size 4970×1690×2040, weight 1500KG


Tadatsugu Metal Manufacturing (Shanghai) CO., LTD

Company address: No297 YeJi Road, BaoShan District, Shanghai, China 200444




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